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README for FTP download
TIGR castor bean WGS assembly (assemblies=25,828)
Whole genome shotgun assembly TIGR_castorWGS_release_0.1.assembly.fsa.gz
TIGR castor bean auto-annotation (gene models=31,221)
Gene sequence (genomic sequence including exon,intron and UTR if any) TIGR_castorWGS_release_0.1.gene.fsa.gz
Coding region (from start to stop codon) TIGR_castorWGS_release_0.1.cds.fsa.gz
Protein sequence (amino acid translation) TIGR_castorWGS_release_0.1.aa.fsa.gz
Gene model (GFF) TIGR_castorWGS_release_0.1.model.gff.gz
For Castor Bean Comments/Questions send mail to the TIGR castor bean team ().
Photographs courtesy of the TIGR